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Tips for Finding the Best Local Mover

Moving, be it across the country or even within the same town, is always a headache to properly coordinate. You could always gather all of your friends and family to help out and do everything yourself, but that’s not always possible for everyone. That’s where it becomes a good option to hire a local mover in Palm Beach Gardens to help with moving, but in order to do this you need to make sure it’s not going to be an additional headache or an outright waste of money. There are a few things that you should look for when shopping around for local movers so that you can get the best quality service for the best price and not wind up with any additional issues in the process.

Inventory is Essential

While things invariably get shuffled around when you’re moving, the worst thing that can happen is if something important is outright lost in the process. The best way to ensure that everything’s accounted for is to take an inventory of of all your belongings, and it’s best if you hire movers who can also do this for you. This not only helps keep track of things, but taking stock of everything is sure to give you a more accurate estimate of the costs involved with moving all of your stuff. This is because local movers go by size and weight and quantity, rather than just relying on fixed rates.

This inventory should be thorough

You should be wary of any local mover who does an inventory of all your stuff in a span of five minutes or less, because there’s simply no way that this will be of any use. Quite simply, if you’re moving then there should be an accurate picture of what’s actually getting moved. On top of this, it’s important to indicate which belongings you intend on selling, giving away to friends or charity, or simply want to pile up on the lawn and set fire to.

Large deposits are a scam
Any local mover that demands a bunch of money or your first born child as a deposit probably is trying to con you, and shouldn’t be dealt with. You should only pay a moving service upon the delivery of your belongings, or otherwise your local mover might just run off with the money and you’ll never see your money or your stuff ever again. You don’t want that, do you?

A variety of names is probably a bad sign

If the local mover that you’re considering hiring has changed their name four times in the past two years, it’s probably not a good sign. We’re not talking about it being “inauspicious” or anything, but rathe that there are some companies even in Palm Beach Gardens who avoid Better Business Bureau ratings by operating under a variety of names even though it’s the same company. The best way to find out if your local mover is really local is to check and see if they have a local address. Information about their business license and insurance is also helpful in this regard. If you end up calling a local mover, ensure that the employee on the phone answers with the full business name and not something else.

Ask folks for a reference for a local mover

If you have friends and family in the know, you could always ask them if they know of the best local mover to help you with moving to Palm Beach Gardens or anywhere else. That isn’t always possible, so do take note of the fact that there are state moving associations which keep lists of moving services. If that doesn’t work, the American Moving and Storage Association does have a database.

Don't pay for packing

You can easily pack up everything yourself and with a little help, but any worthwhile local mover will do that for you at no additional charge. If you have to pay them to pack up everything for you, it’s definitely a rip off. The best solution here is to find a packing solution apart from your moving service. Otherwise it can be a waste of money with inflated costs.

Don't sign a blank contract

Any local mover who forces you to sign a blank contract is probably trying to con you, and so you should absolutely never do this in Palm Beach Gardens or anywhere else. A good local mover will always have clearly written agreement.

"Guaranteed" quotes are nonsense

There are a few different types of moving contracts that your local mover might throw at you, and generally any amount over will have to be paid within 30 days. Non-binding estimates mean that the company can’t force you to pay more than 110% of your original contract. A non-binding to exceed estimate means that you won’t have to pay over the original estimate at all, while a binding estimate is supposed to be a guaranteed quote. Do note that there might be extra fees involved.

Moving is never a piece of cake, and even if you plan everything to be a total breeze, your local mover might have other thoughts. Do keep these tips in mind when you’re hiring a local mover, because they’ll definitely help you avoid any unforeseen hassles or getting ripped off in the end.

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