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With hundreds of people moving in and out of West Palm Beach, FL each year, we make sure those moves go smoothly. 

Moving Inventory

As a respectable moving company we take a full and complete inventory of all your belongings. We check cabinets, storage areas, drawers, bookcases, attic and garage. The weight and the amount of area your possessions will take up in the truck makes up your moving cost. We make sure you understand this procedure and that the estimate is as exact as possible. 

Have a thorough walk-through

Our West Palm Beach estimators take their time to know exactly what is going to be moved. Our moving company wants to know what you are taking and what items might be sold, given to charity, or left behind for the new occupants. 

Do not pay a large deposit

No honest mover should request cash or large deposits. Paying in advance leaves you open to not knowing when you will get your belongings. Use a credit card. This will protect you against fraudulent activity. 

Avoid a moving company that has switched names

Make sure the moving company does not have multiple names that they are doing business under. Search for complaints about the company and its history.

Our moving company uses our full name in West Palm Beach when you call us. We have a local address with proper licensing and the proper insurance. 

Get references on different movers

Ask family and friends who they used and if they were satisfied. Ask the moving company for references. Tell them you want at least three references from the West Palm Beach area and call them. Ask direct questions about how their move was and how professional the movers treated your belongings. 

Avoid packing costs

If you pack your own belongings, commonly the damage to items is your responsibility. If they pack your stuff, watch for inflated prices on boxes and packing materials. Time and labor for them packing will also cost. Ask about the packer’s experience. 

If the moving company has to deal with stairs, elevators or a narrow road and have to transfer your stuff, you may pay an extra fee. Expect an extra fee for any unusual situation. Ask about all extra fees.

Avoid a blank contract

Do not sign a blank moving contract. The moving company should list its estimate, extra fees, pick-up and delivery dates. Make sure all your items are listed. Damage claims can only be filed for items listed on the inventory.

Do not accept the “guaranteed” quote

There are three moving contracts;

Non-binding estimate; moving company cannot require more than 10 percent above the initial estimate. Overages have to be paid 30 days of delivery.

Non-binding to exceed estimate; contract insures payment in full for overages to the initial estimate. The estimate is the maximum.

Binding estimate; contract guarantees price for move, extras and services. Unpacking would cost more and will need to be paid within 30 days. 

Report problems

You have nine months to report problem. Open all boxes as soon as possible. Put notes of all problems on the bill of lading. The mover has 30 days to respond to the receipt of your claim and 120 days to deny the claim or make an offer to pay.

Moving Insurance and valuation protection

Moving companies are mandated to accept liability. There are two different levels of liability;

Full replacement of value protection: 

If anything happens to your belongings, the mover must repair or replace the articles. The exception is articles worth $100 or more per pound. These items must be listed as extraordinary.

Alternative Level of Liability:

This provides minimal protection from your moving company and does not cost anything. The movers assume liability of 60 cents per pound at maximum. Claims are based on the weight of articles. 

Use local moving company

Our company is based in West Palm Beach, FL and serves all of Florida. Whether you are moving across the street or across the state, we provide you with the safest and most secure services. We are locally owned and provide the most affordable services for relocation in the West Palm Beach area. Our moving company provides local, long distance moving, packing and unpacking services and local storage. We are licensed, insured and bonded. 

Most families find that moving is stressful. Our professional movers will make your move stress free and you will not have to lift a finger. We handle every step of your move with pride and care for all your belongings. Our moving company is efficient and no job is too small or too large for us to handle. 

Packing and furniture care

We will pack and unpack for you if you like. Our professionals will take the stress out of your life. All boxes are labeled with the proper identification so you can unpack properly. Our West Palm Beach professionals will handle all your packing with care. 

Large furniture items can be disassembled by our professional movers to make the move safer and easier. Large electronic items will be handled with the utmost care and wrapped properly. We provide all the packing supplies needed. 

Setting of dates and time

When you hire our West Palm Beach movers you will have the advantage of knowing you have the proper help to get your precious belongings to their new home. We will take the time to plan each step of your move. Our West Palm Beach office will set up all the dates and times and make sure they are what you need.

Our West Palm Beach mover’s number one priority is to keep your items safe. Our moving company will make sure all your items are well packed and insure your items just in case of any damage. 

We have the most up to date equipment needed for your move. We have the proper ramps, dollies and protective covers to keep your belongings safe. When using our West Palm Beach professionals you will not have to worry about renting any equipment and then returning it back to the rental store. 

We are West Palm Beach movers with the fastest and safest services and know all the Florida roadways that are secure for traveling with large loads. Our moving company in West Palm Beach cares for your belongings and will deliver them to your next home in the same condition that we picked them up.