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When you’re faced with moving, the list of reasons not to “do it yourself” is a long one and experience is at the top of that list. Yes, you could gather a few friends and tackle the job yourself but who pays the ER bill when something heavy falls on you or one of your helpful friends and medical care is needed? Even if you’re only going a few miles, relocating anywhere in West Palm Beach is stressful on so many levels, why risk being delayed due to an emergency that could have been avoided by dealings with experienced, professional moving companies to begin with? 

DIY Isn't as Cost Effective as it May Seem

For some projects DIY is a fine idea and there is nothing like that satisfied feeling of a job well done, but could it have been done more efficiently? Considering the time, energy, and money it takes to move from one place to another, it’s worth hiring a company like mine (Irontree Movers) instead so you can avoid all that sweat and stress. In short, when hiring professional moving companies to handle the job is easier on your nerves, trading self-satisfaction for speed and efficiency isn’t hard to do. ​

When It Comes To Moving, Money CAN Buy Happiness (Or at least lower stress levels)

Let’s talk specifics. I can’t speak for the competition but as for Irontree Movers, as soon as you make the call to set a date, your part in the move is basically done. We have earned a good reputation in the West Palm Beach area and invite you to read on for highlights on exactly what you can expect when you choose us from among the many other moving companies listed for the area. 

Clear Estimates

A helpful staff will give you a written final total for all charges (no hidden costs) before the job begins. Everything, including the price of packing material will be included in the estimate. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask any of our staff for an answer. When it comes to your possessions if you want something done differently feel free to let us know. 

Peace of Mind

We are licensed, bonded, insured, and have years of experience helping other people in the West Palm Beach area solve their moving troubles. Your belongings are our responsibility from the moment we begin packing, to the moment they are delivered to your new home. If we break it (not likely) we’ve bought it. The job is not considered complete until you agree that everything has been delivered in the same condition it was prior to the move. 

Help With Packing

Our movers are qualified to do much more than simply lift heavy appliances into a truck. We also do the packing when necessary, so you are free to concentrate on other important details. From your most valued, fragile dishes to heavy furniture, all receive the same considerate care we would give our own belongings. Boxes are clearly labeled so nothing that belongs in the kitchen will end up in boxes destined for your bedroom. 

Packing is an art and our movers are masters at it. You could do your own packing, but chances are you’d spend more than if we do it. We know how to pack a box and get the most out of any available space without overdoing it and risk the bottom falling out and damaging its contents. We aren’t stingy with the packing material either, we want to deliver your items safely, not buy them because we didn’t pack them well enough and they were damaged. If bulky furniture needs to be disassembled for moving, we have no problem with that and part of the job is putting it back together for you at the new place. 

One would think moving companies should know their way around town but not all of them do. Rest assured that is not the case with Irontree Moving. We know the West Palm Beach area very well and will have the shortest, fastest route picked out before we ever leave the curb at your old house. Let us worry about where to park at your new place for unloading or how to get that odd shaped furniture through the door, that’s our problem, not yours. 

We Always Have The Right Equipment For The Job

From hoisting straps and heavy dollies to bubble wrap, anti-static peanuts or protective plastic sheeting, there will be no delays because we didn’t come prepared with enough supplies to finish the job or don’t have the tools we need. In West Palm Beach, or anywhere else for that matter, moving companies who don’t come prepared aren’t usually in business for long. 

Having the right equipment includes the size of truck needed to actually haul your belongings away. Irontree won’t charge you for a large truck if one mid-sized or smaller is all we need to get you moved. If you haven’t decided yet which of the several moving companies in West Palm Beach to hire, keep in mind there are people out there who would have no problem billing for more than is needed for the job. 

Safe Storage Options

Before you sign anything ask about this service. Not all moving companies offer safe storage but if for any reason you aren’t able to be there the day your belongings are due to be delivered at your new address, we will store them for you in a locked facility and keep everything safe from theft or damage of any kind. This does cost a little extra but not many complain because when you don’t have to spend a single moment worrying about where to stash all your stuff until you can get to it the extra expense is well worth it. 

All Things Considered, Simple Math Shows Hiring A Professional Is Well Worth It

Think about it. Friends mean well but when they are working for free and break something you can’t really expect them to pay for it. Add to that you will most likely be responsible for their gas, parking fees, snacks, etc. and it’s possible to spend more trying to “do it yourself.” Considering all the above, the question of whether or not to hire professionals answers itself. Plus, choosing paid help also ensures you don’t owe any return favors when it’s your friends turn to move. 

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