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Helpful Hints For Hiring a Mover

A lot of people move every day, including West Palm Beach, Florida and most of them take place without any problems coming up. However, it is essential to hire the right moving company. With so many movies about bad moving companies, shoddy practices, and scams out there, we need to look for the best movers available. The tips that I am going to share will help all of us find reputable .

Taking Inventory of the Items You are Moving

A good moving company will look at all that they will be moving for you in West Palm Beach or any other place to get the total weight of what you are moving. This is the time when we need to ensure that the person who is doing the estimation is thorough. Doing so will ensure that they check places like the garage, bookcases, drawers, and cupboards. The majority of the cost of the move is dependent on how much the stuff in our home weighs. Since the items will be loaded onto a big truck, it is essential that we get the right estimate from the movers.


Make sure that the person who does the estimation performs a thorough walk-through so they have a good idea of how much stuff needs to be moved. While they are doing the walk-through, they ought to be asking us questions about what we need to move into our new home. It is crucial that we let them know what we will be leaving behind. 


Putting down a large deposit is not a good idea no matter whether you are in West Palm Beach or not. Prior to moving, reputable moving companies will not ask us for a large deposit or cash. We should make the payment after our stuff has been safely delivered to our new home. When we do pay the moving company, it is a good idea to pay them with a credit card instead of cash.

Avoid Moving Companies that Change Their Name

Some moving companies try to avoid them being assessed by the Better Business Bureau by regularly changing the name of their business. We need to ensure that the moving company that moves us has a local address and information about licensing and insurance. The people that work for them should also answer the phone with their full business name. 

We also need to find out if the moving company has other names that they “do business under” as well as obtaining their federal and state license numbers. Look on the internet to find out if any of their previous customers have had any problems with them. 

Obtain References

When we meet a moving company for the first time in West Palm Beach or in another town, we need to ask them for references. We need to get the contact information. We need to get the contact information of three people that have used their services in the past. Ideally, they should be people that have utilized their services in the past three months. Then we need to call these people and ask them specific questions about their experiences with this moving company, no matter if we are moving to West Palm Beach or somewhere else. 

Charging for Packing Materials and Supplies

Even if we choose to pack our belongings in West Palm Beach or in another town for ourselves and we were not thorough enough, the moving company may provide us with packing supplies that will add a lot of fees to our final bill. Therefore, if we are planning to pack our own belongings, it is a good idea to plan way far ahead in advance and ensure that we obtain enough packing and moving supplies all on our own. It will be a lot more inexpensive for us to do so this way. 

If we are going to pack our own stuff and try to save money on our move, we ought to make it a point to have everything packed and ready to go when the moving company arrives on our moving day whether it be in West Palm Beach or wherever we may be. If we do have stuff that has not been packed up when moving day arrives, it will delay our move and we will have to pay our moving company more. If your moving company charges by the hour, you will be paying more hourly rates and more for the packing supplies that you have to get from them. 

Be Cautious of Extra Fees

We may have to pay additional fees in instances like we have to have our stuff moved to the tenth floor of a building. The movers will charge us extra fees for the extra labor and time that it takes to do the work. Therefore, prior to hiring a good mover, we need to ask them about any extra moving fees that may come with our situation, whether we live in West Palm Beach or not. 

Blanket Contracts

 Another tactic that dishonest movers try to fool you with is blank contracts that they want you to sign. They will say that they are busy at the moment and that they will fill in the empty spaces for us later. When they do that, they are asking us to trust them that they will fill in the accurate information. 

If a blank contract comes our way, we need to refuse to sign it and find another moving company. When we do sign a contract that has been filled out, we still need to read it carefully before we sign it. We need to be sure that it says exactly what we agreed upon with the moving company. After we sign the contract in West Palm Beach or wherever we are, we are legally bound it to it and it will be difficult to dispute it in the future. 

The "Guaranteed" Moving Quote

The majority of people that are moving insist on getting a “binding estimate” from a moving company. Those are often called a “guaranteed moving quote.” It ensures that we, the customer, will not pay more than te amount that we have been quoted, and that we could pay less if the estimate is too high. 

The “guaranteed quote” is only good for the inventory that the movers use to come up with the estimate. If the inventory is wrong either intentionally or by mistake, the “guaranteed moving quote” is no good, and a new rate will have to be negotiated with the movers (on the day that we will be moving, no less). 

We can avoid being taken advantage of by this scam by double-checking the inventory in the home to ensure that it includes everything that we need the moving company to move. A lot of us make the mistake of never looking at it. Also, do not attempt to take extra items on the moving truck after the estimate has been received, as that will make our estimate void and we will get extra fees as a result. 

Report Problems to the Moving Company

After our moves are complete, we have nine months to report any problems to our movers and file an insurance claim. If we wait longer than that to open a box, and find broken items, we are just out of luck. Once the items arrive in our new home in West Palm Beach or wherever we live, we need to open them and look for broken and damaged items. If we find any broken or damaged items, we need to notate them on the mover’s bill of lading before we sign it. Then, our mover has thirty days to acknowledge that they received our claim Within 120 days of receiving it, they have to deny our claim or offer to pay for the damages. 

Moving Insurance and Valuation Protection

By law, all movers have to assume liability for the value of the items that they transport. The full replacement protection plan covers any broken, damaged, or lost items that happens when they are in possession of your mover.

When this happens to your items, the mover has to “repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition as when it was received by your mover, or pay you for the cost of repairs.They also can replace the article with an article of like kind and quality, or pay you for the cost of replacement.” If we have items of extraordinary value (that costs more than $100 a pound), we need to put it on the shipping documents. If we do not do that, our movers can limit their liability for loss or damage to these items.

The alternative level of liability is the most economical protection available. With this liability, the mover is responsible for only sixty cents a pound for damaged or broken items. For example, if a 10-pound stereo component valued at $1,000 were lost or destroyed, the mover would be liable for no more than $6 (10 pounds x 60 cents). There is no extra fee for this minimal protection. However, we have to agree specifically to use this liability on the bill of lading. If we do not choose this alternative level of liability, our shipment will be transported at the full (replacement) value level of liability and we will be assessed the applicable valuation charge.

These ideas and tips will help all of us who are moving get through packing, the move itself, and arriving in our new homes without a lot of trouble coming our way I hope these hints have helped hire a mover or when you are hiring a mover.

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