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What to Expect When Hiring a Local Mover

While moving can be exciting and refreshing, it can also be a major undertaking and one that must be planned carefully to avoid confusion, lost items, damage and fits of screaming rage. Most people find the moving process monumental and overwhelming, often because it is not just items, but an entire life being pulled up and transplanted elsewhere. 

If this sound like a situation close to home, or you’d simply rather get the move on with as little hassle as possible, there are professional moving companies who can lend their skills and experience to the task. At times, the help of a friendly neighbor with a van may be more than you need, but for a serious move involving multiple people and a considerable quantity of belongings, the professional solution offers specific advantages. 

The best way to make the decision will be with some inside information, this following article will contain a thorough overview of the moving process as completed with the help of reputable professionals. 

How the Process of Using a Florida Local Mover Works

A local mover will take care of quickly and efficiently (and very carefully) transporting all of your belongings, items and furnishings from one location to another. There will be dates and terms involved that can, and should, be discussed before the papers are signed.

The services provided by different local mover companies will include different features. Not every service will bubble wrap your Ming vase and remove your commemorative Elvis platter collection from the walls. But, many local movers will supply you with all the boxes, bubble wrap and tape to complete this task yourself. Speaking with your local movers in advance will allow you adequate time to prepare your items and budget accordingly. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Professional Local Mover in Florida?

The first and foremost consideration for you, will be if this valuable service will save you enough time, effort and stress to make it worth the investment. To arrive at this conclusion, you need to know how much this service will cost at the local rates from the local mover you are considering for the task. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Local Moves

Location – It will cost roughly $25 dollars an hour per worker for a local move. But, depending on the services you have selected and the time of year – rates can be higher at high traffic seasons – the prices can be different. 
Size of the Moving Team – Two movers are assigned to any given task to ensure that there are no injuries or dropped goods. If you are also moving grand pianos or a very large number of belongings, more movers will be needed and this will increase the price. 
Hours of Work – A local mover will charge you by the hour. This includes the time, packing your stuff, loading all your belongings into the vehicle and dropping off the goods at the desired locations. 
Bottom line – If you will be moving the contents of an average 2-bedroom apartment this will cost you between $375 – $525 to move. A 3-bedroom home will cost anywhere from $700 to $1000 to relocate. 

The Advantages of Hiring a Local Mover

As you imagined looking over the small mountain of stuff and considering the hassles of getting a suitable vehicle to transport it all, convenience is the number one reason to have your move addressed by a local mover in Florida. The price is not actually too steep when you consider what you can expect from a top-rated local mover. 

Loading and heavy lifting – Even if you are a physically fit individual, you don’t need to exhaust yourself physically during this move. This is a time to keep your wits and focus about you. The heavier items that will need an extra strong set of hands can be left as they are. A team of movers – even 2 strong – will have the mats, supports, handles and experience in navigating large objects through narrow corridors and stairwells without damaging anything. Thus, ensuring you get your full deposit back from the landlord and arrive to your new place with furnishings perfectly intact.

Transportation – Moving to a new place, right? Do you really want to try and figure out the unfamiliar location with a large truck, U-Haul or car stuffed to the gills with moving boxes? The local mover has probably been there before and can make a fast job of arriving, dropping off and hitting the road. 

Unloading, after a long day of packing, loading, closing, driving and arriving, do you want to unload the truck as well? That would be tiring, let the local mover carry the boxes inside while you order a pizza and begin getting comfy. 

Avoided Stress – moving is an emotional, stressful and even nerve-wracking experience. If you are also charged with the task of keeping track of boxes, bags and belongings, you increase your stress and likelihood that something will go wrong. If you can get up tight in a stressful situation, a local mover can help to smooth the process.

When would I want to handle the move myself, rather than work with a local Florida Mover?

You may be able to handle the move yourself if your needs aren’t so large that professional services are required. The two greatest benefits provided by your local mover in Florida are lifting power and transportation. If you see that all your combined belongings don’t amount to more than can be carried in an average pickup you won’t need the large bed of a full sized moving truck. 
Then, you may have some strapping friends who don’t mind lending their aid in loading, in turn for libations perhaps. You will only be left to a small hassle of unloading at your new place. Check out some moving tips for a smooth move!

Final Notes on Hiring a Florida Local Mover

If you believe a local Mover is the best choice for you, you will want to do your research and choose a reputable professional. Take time to compile a list of possibilities and conduct a thorough phone investigation and inquire about the services and rates provided. After comparing your notes on each local mover, you will have a better idea of which is the preferred option.

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